Sling TV ad calls out bullying cable companies

Sling TV wants to let customers know you’re not going to be bullied when signing up for cable anymore.

In their latest spot “TakeBackTV: Old TV Model,” the company uses bullying as a way to relate to old methods in signing up for a cable package.

“You’ll pay for 400 channels and like it,” one of the OldTV kids tells a customer as he’s pushing him down against the grass, later telling him “You think this is a game Kyle?” as he shoves grass in his mouth.

This spot is actually pretty funny. Don’t get me wrong, bullying isn’t a topic that should be taken lightly, but this commercial parodies it well and does a good job of showing how cable companies take you for every penny you have with unnecessary fees, bad support and aggressive tactics. Cable companies are often bullies when it comes to their services, and this ad does a solid job of showing how that parallels perfectly with the schoolyard bully mentality.

My personal favorite line is when a customer is being given a wedgie in a grocery shop parking lot by one of the OldTV kids, and blurts out “please, my pastor shops here.” That’s genuinely funny writing.

While this ad won’t win any awards for it’s genius, it’s very funny and simple premise makes it a spot you don’t want to skip, and that’s exactly what you want to accomplish these days.

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