The two Old Spice guys meet in new commercial

Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews have both starred in some immensely successful commercials for Old Spice. We could sit around and debate which Old Spice guy is better – Mustafa’s smooth “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” or Crews’ shouting, muscular portrayal – but we’ve never been forced to have that conversation.

Until now, thanks to this new ad from Old Spice which jams both men into the same commercial.

The two styles could not be more different, but at the same time they’re both extremely enjoyable.

Mustafa’s ads have always been a masterpiece because of the creativity and fact that all of the movement/scenery changes are in fact actually happening. There may be more CGI used here, but we’ll have to wait for the behind the scenes video to answer that question.

Meanwhile, Crews is … Crews. He’s the loud, ripped spokesman that can actually get away with yelling at the audience without being annoying.

Which Old Spice guy is better? Based on the name of this ad – “And So It Begins” – viewers will be treated to a campaign which has both men prominently displayed.

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