Touching ad about grandparents raising grandchild is completely ruined by who made it

Some ads can grab you with their emotional effectiveness, then baffle you in regards to what they’re actually advertising.

Case and point. Here an ad titled “Grander Parents.” The spot tells a bittersweet story about how these grandparents were on their way to retirement when they had to assume the parental duties of their granddaughter Haley, following her father – their son – going to jail. They discuss how they envisioned retirement and how the dream was gone now that they had to become parents again.

The story takes a turn for the best, as the two talk about how they couldn’t envision their lives without her, and how sweet the granddaughter is – embracing the grandma as her mom, and seeing her grandfather like a father lion and her akin to her cub. The ad hits you right in the feels as the two grandparents shed happy tears over the decision to take her in.

Then…. things get weird as it’s revealed to be an advertisement for Angel Soft Toilet Paper. The tagline “Just when you were ready to be soft, you found your strong side too.” Er.. ok.

My main issue with the spot is it takes something pretty damn beautiful, and then tarnishing the story by associating it with something people wipe their ass with. It’s just wrong. The context behind the ad is just so gross.

To me, this is a 10/10 story (if it’s even true) and Angel Soft would have been totally fine if they didn’t include the tagline at the end, but trying to associate the story with toilet paper is one of the shittiest ideas I’ve seen in an advertisement.

[H/T Adweek]

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