Urban Meyer narrates intense ESPN College Football ad

ESPN  released an ambitious advertisement which features the many teams, mascots, coaches and players of NCAA College Football.

The spot seems to draw inspiration from a variety of things. The first couple scenes are reminiscent of Game of Thrones, as Ohio State coach Urban Meyer announces “they’re coming,” in a call to defend his throne, as a round table featuring The Oregon Duck is shown.

The ad than shifts into cartoon form, as the Auburn University War Eagle drops toilet paper into Texas A&M’s Kyle Field. More animations are shown throughout the ad, as we see The Food Chain of FBS Div. 1-A Football, which all just leads to Ohio State University’s mascot Brutus doing a fist pump in the middle of all the teams.

We see USC University fans dragging a Trojan Horse to the Rose Bowl, which is followed by a daunting shot of new University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh marching. One of the final shots of the spot is multiple teams’ mascots sitting outside a window at night while it’s dark and thundering – a scene out of horror movie.

If my description was hard to follow it’s because the ad covers a lot of ground. College Football has many teams and showing enough of them so it doesn’t seem like ESPN is being biased, is clearly something that has to be established.

This spot is intense, and it’s diverse in its construction. It should have college football fans amped for the start of next season.

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