Windows 10 hits all the cliches is new commercial

Windows 10 is almost officially out and Microsoft released a new commercial to pair with it.

This spot hits all the commercial checklist cliches. We have multiple toddlers making funny faces, lush landscapes, a generic voice over, pop-song and a catchphrase – the future starts now –  that sounds like it could be used for any product.

All-in-all, nothing spectacular. surveyed advertising experts on what they thought of the video and the results were mixed.

“It’s a long walk through the desert for a thimble of water.” “It’s emotional blackmail. That’s the style of advertising it is.” – Anthony Wolch, chief creative officer, Engagement Labs.

The contrarian in me, though, wants to say that many of these kids — or, at least, kids from the socio-geographic populations so carefully and diversely depicted — won’t grow up with computers at all, let alone Windows 10, a sentiment that has me seeing the ad more as trite than effective. – Francis Moran, founder of Francis Moran & Associates.

Not everyone was as negative though.

Microsoft’s new campaign is utterly brilliant. Right now Apple has Millennials on such a firm lock that Microsoft has been forced to direct their efforts toward a new, untapped market; and what market gets less attention than Generation Z? Why not raise the next generation with Windows? What a great idea. – Robert Marcus, Copywriter, Connatix Native Exchange

I’m kind of in the middle of these remarks. The ad, to me, is very generic. There’s nothing that makes me think it’s brilliant, and I understand why it could be seen as manipulative given its use of toddlers. I don’t quite think it’s emotional blackmail, but it’s definitely trying very hard to pull you in that direction.

It’s a harmless, yet forgetful ad. Microsoft could do better.

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