Wrigley Field now has an amazing aluminum branded tarp

When there is a rain delay at Wrigley Field, expect things to get shiny.

The Chicago Cubs and Reynolds Consumer Products have reached an agreement where the new tarp during rain delays will resemble aluminum foil (one of the company’s products) and have a Reynolds branded tarp. Mike Mazza, marketing director of Reynolds Foil says told AdWeek the advertisement makes sense visually on all platforms.

The combination of an iconic product like Reynolds Wrap and an iconic venue like Wrigley Field makes for a great visual that resonates really well in person, on television and on social media, too.”

I can’t disagree with that.

The idea Chicago Cubs vp of communications and community affairs Julian Green says they were going for, is the tarp looks like an aluminum foil roll when rolled up.The design will surely catch everybody at the stadiums eye. Although I wonder how it will look when the sun is shining directly on it.

The marketing idea blew up on Reddit, receiving over two million views and plenty of discussion. Green says he’s pretty thrilled about how the tarp has people talking.

“I think the end product creates a lot of talk value,” Green said. “Certainly for the partner to have 2 million views on Reddit just shows what you can do when you’re able to push the bounds of creativity.”

As one Imgur user notes, you could roll up the world’s biggest burrito with that thing.

Either way, this is a cool, smart way to advertise and catch the public’s attention. Good job by both parties.

[Image via Imgur]

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