Pandas sing ‘I Just Had Sex’ in Wildlife Conservation Film Festival campaign

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’s most recent ad campaign aims to show that endangered pandas need to have sex.

DDB New York has launched a new spot for the WCFF featuring a spoof version of Lonely Island’s I Just Had Sex, showing that endangered species need love. In the animated spot, pandas are shown bragging about having sex. The lyrics are tastefully changed to fit the lifestyle of the panda. They’re actually quite funny.

“Honestly, I’m surprised this panda wanted me to do it. Doesn’t really make sense, but Panda screw it.” 

“This one’s dedicated to the panda girls, that let us fluff around on top of you. If you’re in a zoo or somewhere in China want to thank y’all for letting us be with you.” 

“She kept looking at her watch, doesn’t matter had sex.” 

“She ate bamboo the whole time, doesn’t matter had sex.” 

“People were staring at us, doesn’t matter had sex.” 

“She might have been a regular bear, still counts” 

When I first saw the ad, I thought the combination of sending a serious message like trying to protect an endangered species mixed with a Lonely Island song was bizarre. It totally is, but it works.  It’s strange and hilarious. The music isn’t even half-bad. They totally changed up a classic, funny song and made it appropriate but hysterical at the same time. That’s not easy to do.

The campaign may receive a lukewarm response considering the somewhat edgy subject material, but the spot accomplishes its job of spreading awareness about pandas needing to get down in order for their species to survive. All proceeds raised from the campaign go to helping endangered species.

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