Trojan condoms have debate with sex puns to parody election season

Trojan condoms went topical during this election season with their latest ad and their newest spot “Can’t Hide That Election” features plenty of sex puns.

The gist of the commercial is five condoms participate in a debate, to decide which is most qualified to be ‘erected.’ One of the condoms says he’s “the head of most polls,” while another one says people want a candidate that “goes deeper.” The puns don’t stop as the Magnum condom wants to talk about “big business owners,” instead of small ones, and the Groove version says other candidates have been “insiders too long and you need a new guy who’s an outsider ready to go inside, then come back outside.” The whole thing is capped off by the moderator asking the condoms “Who here thinks they’re ready to be erected,” to which the condoms make noises that imply they’re…. well you know.

Here’s the 30-second spot.

It’s a racier advertisement, which is evident from the companies pitch for the spot:

“With debates coming to a climax, candidates going head to head, insiders and outsiders getting in on the action and pundits coming … to conclusions … we wanted to share the latest video from the makers of Trojan brand condoms: Can’t Hide That Election!”

Does the ad throw out tons of sex puns? Yes. Is that particularly funny? No. I applaud the effort to produce more spicy advertisements, but this cheap-looking one is pretty much instantly forgettable. The last part at the end is also disgusting.


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