The Pittsburgh Pirates are taking advantage of an ESPN-provided marketing opportunity

At the beginning of the MLB season, ESPN released a This is SportsCenter commercial featuring reigning National League MVP Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The commercial is simple, and McCutchen says just five words in the ad. McCutchen’s “plunder the lox” line is on the road to being one of the great quotes […]

Jadeveon Clowney’s vicious tackle leads to hilarious ad

In the Outback Bowl on New Years Day, South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney obliterated Michigan running back Vincent Smith on a tackle, forcing Smith to fumble the ball and sending his helmet flying about 10 yards down the field. It was one of the best hits of the football season, and has turned Clowney […]

Jared tries to sell jewelry with an awful marriage proposal

It's the holiday season, and you know what that means: jewelry commercials being smashed into your brain until you buy your lady an expensive piece of finger/wrist/neck candy. But this commercial from Jared didn't really focus on the jewelry as the highlight of this commercial, but instead, focused on the actual marriage proposal in which […]

The Pennsylvania Lottery changes an awful holiday tradition

For years, residents of Pennsylvania could count on seeing the above commercial during the holiday season, advertising how great lottery tickets were as gifts. Like clockwork, the commercial would show up on every TV channel starting on Black Friday,and seemingly run every commercial break. The ad has been running since 1992, with occasional edits to […]

Bic strikes again, this time with potentially racist Asian ad The people at Bic's advertising firm should probably start looking for new jobs after the Bic for Her shenanigans we wrote about on Tuesday. The above ad was pulled in Canada after numerous complaints claiming that the ad was racist. In the commercial, an Asian military official is condemning various prisoners, and chooses to […]

Unique political attack ad goes after Jon Runyan Political attack ads are usually the same twisted talking points over and over again. This one, supporting Shelley Adler for Congress, is one of the more unique ads I've seen (while still hitting on the same talking points we're hearing ad nauseum). Her target in this ad isn't some bland politican, though. It's actually […]

Bic introduces pens “for her” to shocked public

Fifteen or so years ago on Saturday Night Live, there was a parody commercial called "Chess For Girls", which parodied children's toys being specifically geared towards specific demographics. In recent years, as the gender gap between males and females has shrunk, we really don't see many products modified to draw in a specific demographic. Bic […]