Apple rekindles rivalry with Microsoft, throws shade at PCs

Microsoft and Apple have never been shy to poke fun and criticize each other during their bitter rivalry. In fact, some of their best ad campaigns have come from competition. Who can forget the iconic Get a Mac campaign? Or how about Microsoft trashing the iPad last year? Now, Mac is back on the offensive.

In a series of four short 15-second commercials, Apple decided to call out their PC counterpart.

Apple promptly called out Microsoft claiming the iPad was better than a computer.

On YouTube, the commercial has 21,000+ dislikes compared to just 9,000 likes.

They even name dropped Microsoft in another spot, showcasing Microsoft Word’s ability to run smoothly on Mac devices.

A more obvious shot comes from a spot titled “iPad Pro – No PC viruses.” In the commercial, a young woman holds up a Tweet with the captain “my laptop has the nastiest virus and I’m terrified.” Obviously, Mac’s can’t get the same viruses PC can get.

It’s not the most creative ad campaign from Apple. Hell, claiming the iPad is a better device is vague and probably untrue, depending on what you need to do with your CPU. That’s coming from an owner of both a Mac and PC. The spots simply don’t carry the same weight as the “Get a Mac” campaign. There’s just not enough shown off to back up the claims.


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