‘Boats N’ Hoes’ realtor parody is tremendously crummy

Here’s a great example of a parody gone wrong.

One of the best moments from the 2008 comedy Step Brothers is when Dale and Brennan show off their latest business idea “Prestige Worldwide” by revealing a music video ‘Boats N’ Hoes.’ The idea is a disaster, as the duo eventually crash the boat, but the song is catchy and hilarious.

Realtor’s at Intero Real Estate Services decided to parody ‘Boats n Hoes’ for a real life advertisement titled ‘Boats N’ Homes.’ While I applaud the group’s effort, the spot is atrocious.

The spot features subpar acting, awkward dancing, and awful singing. It’s nearly unwatchable. The realtors choosing to film on a gloomy and windy day is a curious decision.

‘Boats n Hoes’ worked for its comedic effect. Spinning it to sell homes doesn’t jell. The lyrics are what you’d expect from a parody advertisement with plenty of references to their business, filled with cringeworthy lines like “drop what you’re doing and give us a shout, because when it comes to real estate we’ll help you out.”

It’s clear the realtors set out on making a cheap, pop culture referencing spot. But, ‘Boats N Hoes’ came out close to a decade ago. It’s not timely at all. It doesn’t help the final product is very amateur. ‘Boats N’ Hoes’ is supposed to be funny, glamorous and ridiculous. ‘Boats N’ Homes’ is the advertisement equivalent to parents trying to act cool to impress their kids, while totally missing the point.

A+ for effort, F for execution.


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