Burger King’s latest ad blatantly attempts to activate voice-controlled devices

Genius marketing or invasive marketing ploy? That’s the big question surrounding Burger King’s controversial new ‘Connected Whopper’ Ad.

Burger King’s latest campaign has drawn both criticism and praise for its blatant attempt to take over Google voice-controlled devices.


In the spot, an employee says he can’t explain what the Whopper was in the parameters of a 15-second commercial, but, has a cheeky idea to parlay information. Looking into the camera, he says “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?”

What’s the big deal? Well, the ad is intended to latch onto nearby smartphones, Google Home’s, and other voice controlled devices. The intention is for your nearby device to hear the commercial, and search the Whopper without your consent.

A BK rep told the Independent the ad was created to pair with emerging technologies.

“Burger King saw an opportunity to do something exciting with the emerging technology of intelligent personal assistant devices,” said a Burger King representative.

In execution, it’s an unnecessary annoyance at best, and an invasion of privacy at worst.

It’s a playful example here, but the ad could start a trend of marketing campaigns that attempt to manipulate your smart devices. Looking up a burger is not bad, but the possibilities are endless for what companies could trick your device into searching for.

Plus, the ad isn’t even made alongside Google – who I’m sure aren’t thrilled about it.

Next time, think effectiveness over annoyance Burger King. It’s hard to imagine anybody wants to look up a Whopper, especially unknowingly.

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