Donald Trump Japanese parody advertisement defies explanation

You know you’ve made something brilliant when it’s both amazing, confusing and intoxicating. That’s exactly what YouTube’s Mike Diva did when he decided to make a Japanese-styled Donald Trump commercial. It’s one of the most bizarre things you’ll ever see.

The ad defies explanation, but I’ll try my best. In the spot, we’re shown a girl inside her room which is covered with Donald Trump posters. She holds a framed picture of the GOP presidential nominee. When it winks at her, it sends her on an adventure to what can only be described as Trump-land. She’s transformed into a new outfit and flies through a multiple Trump towers. She enters a Trump faced-island where Trump’s face grows on trees. She shoots off into the sky, where she rides what can only be described as a Trump-Lama hybrid.


I won’t spoil the rest of the ad for you, but it involves both swastikas and Trump turning in a Gundam-style robot. It’s batshit insane.

As bizarre as the fake advertisement is, it’s brilliantly edited by Diva. The Trump-themed world’s he creates are bright, fast-paced and vivid. The animations and greenscreen work are extremely well-done. The style being parodied is perfect. This video took a lot of effort.

The video’s been up for three days and it’s already amassed nearly 3 million views. It’s a hit. Assumedly, people are watching it multiple times due to all the glory and magic show in the parody. It doesn’t hurt that Trump’s as relevant as he’s ever been.

Diva’s made an unusual, offbeat advertisement that works completely despite being entirely random. It’s a masterpiece, really.


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