Facebook to roll out mid-video ads, which is good and bad

Facebook is making a play for video streaming king, as ReCode reports the social media service will be rolling out a new “mid-roll” ad format which will allow creators to insert ads into videos after 20 seconds of runtime.

The reported change is being tested. If ads are allowed, Facebook’s video platform will share a very similar format to YouTube. ReCode reports Facebook will sell the ads with publishers and take the same 55 percent split as YouTube – giving creators 45 percent.

There’s good and bad from the news.

The good obviously being creators getting ad revenue for their content. Facebook doesn’t offer a monetization system like YouTube, which has kept some users from sticking with the Google service. With monetization, creators will be paid fairly for their work.

Unfortunately, the bad news, besides having to watch ads, is Facebook will reward content creators for getting views. What’s are the biggest videos on Facebook? Well, they’re 0ften stolen and reposted videos. If the new ad system comes with a much stricter copyright system, I’m all for it. But if it operates as it currently does, cheaters are going to benefit the most.

Implementing ads is a huge step for YouTube. It will be fascinating to see which creators switch over and how it effects the video streaming landscape as a whole.

[Image via VentureBeat]

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