Hasbro Deutschland’s “PiPi Party” toy shoots water at kids from mini-toilet

Hasbro’s latest product is a real stinker.

Earlier this month, the popular game and toy company’s Deutschland branch, released a commercial for the “Pipi Party.” Intended for kids, the game shoots water at participants at random. Essentially, it’s PieFace Showdown (also a Hasbro product) but much, much grosser.

Here’s how Hasbro describes the product online.

“Refreshingly funny. At “Pipi Party”, a toilet provides fun for the kids. Here, no eye remains dry, if it is bold to press the flush, but not to be hit by a water jet. In this game everything is left to chance, because a rotation on the toilet paper roll dictates how often the flushing has to be pressed. Is the rinsing sound only? Luckily! But when the water splashes, the player is not only wet, but also get out of the game.”

There’s something incredibly unsettling about kids taking turns to get faux-toilet water splashed in their faces. The “PiPi Party” would make a lot more sense as a sink or a sprinkler. Toilets aren’t something kids should want to get splashed by. It’s just weird, gross and unnecessary.

Personally, even though the water doesn’t actually come from a toilet (you pour it yourself), the product and its target audience don’t match. Heck, the only target audience for the “PiPi Party,” lives in the darkest part of the internet.

Instead of buying this product, parents should get the more appropriate versions on the market. The product, like the commercial, sucks. Please, stop manufacturing this garbage Hasbro.

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