Jolly Rancher deletes ad suggesting ‘get busy sucking or get busy dying’

Jolly Rancher wants you to “get busy sucking or get busy dying.”

The popular candy brand launched a hip, color-fueled ad campaign in recent months, but one of their promoted Tweets has been deleted after multiple users noticed its unintended innuendo.

The spot featured a cartoon in a prison cell, with a wrapper busting it out of prison. The cartoon says the unfortunate  phrase “get busy sucking or get busy dying!”

Now, I don’t think I need to explain why the advertisement could be considered NSFW. The cartoon guy is in prison and suggests sucking. I’ll leave it at that.

The most surprising aspect of the ad beside the choice of phrase and it lasting more than three days before getting deleted was Jolly Rancher promoting the tweet on Twitter. This was the ad they chose to show the campaign off. It’s a gutsy pick.

It’s hard to fathom the ad isn’t at least somewhat intentionally edgy, otherwise, the folks at Jolly Rancher are stunningly obtuse. The campaign used the hashtag #KeepOnSucking on social media, so thankfully, there’s some self-awareness.

The ad probably shouldn’t have made it into the campaign for obvious reasons, but I applaud Jolly Rancher for at least trying. It’s a shame it was deleted – but the ad will live on in internet infamy.

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