Kendall Jenner reflects on terrible Pepsi ad: “It feels like my life is over”

Back in April, Pepsi made the disastrous decision to air a tone-deaf advertisement featuring social media star Kendall Jenner, where she basically solves all the worlds problems with a can of Pepsi. Immediate criticism was thwarted towards the ad, and less than 24 hours after it initially aired, it was pulled.

The ad did immediate damage to both Jenner and Pepsi’s image, although both are still in-tact considering their large global following. However, Jenner didn’t dig the negative attention thrown her way. In a promo for her upcoming Kardashian family show, Jenner briefly talked about the commercial, admitting “I feel like my life is over.”

‘It feels like my life is over’

If she feels like her life is over then she should probably drink a Pepsi. It should solve all of her problems. Reaction to the quote wasn’t positive.

Joking aside, the amount of negativty thrown towards Jenner must have felt huge. Yes, she participated in the incredibly shortsighted ad, but she was just serving as a spokesperson. It was a bad gig – and she clearly didn’t realize that otherwise, she wouldn’t have done it.

Thankfully for Jenner, her life isn’t over and most people have moved on from the ad.


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