KFC’s latest ad would be perfect for mostly anyone, well, besides KFC

KFC’s latest ad is cute, fun, and features some perfect music. So what’s the problem? It makes me care about the chicken it’s advertising should be eaten. Plus, it’s messed up beyond that.

In the fast-food joints latest spot, DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To You” plays while a cute chicken bobs his head to the beat of the song.

“The Whole Chicken” is fierce and demanding.

However, it should be painfully clear why the ad is problematic.

KFC’s practices in chicken farming is anything but endearing. According to the BBC, the chickens live in a shed with 34,000 others in tight quarters, where after 35 days of life they’re gassed to death. It’s not illegal, but it’s certainly worth arguing it’s inhumane.

So, with those controversial living conditions and practices, making a cute chicken the focus of an ad is sort of messed up. The chances it would be allowed to live in a barn with that much room is sadly false advertising. A healthy chicken like the one above probably aren’t the same ones being served at KFC restaurants. KFC obviously won’t advertise how they actually farm chickens, but deliberately cute-ifying it up is misleading.

It’s a good ad for literally anyone but KFC.


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