People bizarrely lick smartphones in gross OnePlus Valentine’s Day ad

Who do you love? If the answer is your smartphone, I’ve got the commercial for you.

OnePlus debuted a tantalizing new ad for its OnePlus3T smartphone.

In the spot, multiple actors are throwing compliments towards what appears to be other people in the interview room. Comments like “I’m in love with your body,” and “you’re an absolute beast, encased in a beautiful body.” OnePlus promptly pulls the rug underneath that idea, as it’s revealed the people are talking to their new smartphone.

Shit gets real weird, real quick. As for nearly a full minute, the actors start licking, tonguing and caressing the phone as if it was their special valentine. It’s semi-disturbing. All the camera angles are tight shots, so you can see the actors actually going at the phone with their mouths. Hopefully, the smartphones were sanitized beforehand.

OnePlus drops the hashtag #LickofLove, where you can win a smartphone. The contest requires people to “share your feelings with the world for a chance to get your hands on a perfect pair of OnePlus 3Ts.” That’s a Twitter search I refuse to make.

Advertising with a sexy theme on Valentine’s Day can be done, but physical sexual contact with smartphones is not the way to do it. The ad is gross. OnePlus went too far. However, the ad’s gained some traction online, so at least it was somewhat effective.


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