Smirnoff pokes fun at Donald Trump with “Ties to Russia’ ad

Vodka titans Smirnoff is taking shots at the President of the United States and his alleged ties to Russia.

Smirnoff, which originated in Russia during the 1860’s, decided to poke fun at its Russian ancestry, buying signs with the phrase “Made in America. But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.” In case you’re living under a rock, the current POTUS has been tied to Russia following news of interference in the U.S. election. As AdFreaks notes, Trump told reporters he’d testify under oath in terms of his connections.

Now, the ad hits a little too close to home for most Americans, as seemingly each day Trump and his team are connected to alleged ties to Russia. But, with Trump announcing he’d gladly testify under oath, the ad is even more relevant.

Smirnoff is somewhat taking the piss out of Trump and all the news surrounding him. With Russian ties themselves, they’re proud to admit they’d discuss their connections under oath. It’s cheeky, topical and unexpected.

Smirnoff is now a USA-produced product with past connections to Russia, so on the surface, it appears they aren’t all that different from the Donald. However, Smirnoff would have no problem testifying about their past in Russia. Even though Trump says the same, actually having him sit before Congress to do so is another story altogether.

Regardless, well done Smirnoff.


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