Throwback Thursday: Guns, cars, and a man in a turkey suit?

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we here at Awful Advertising thought it would be fun to look bad at some of the most terrible ads and ad campaigns ever – ads so bad, so shocking or so stupid, that it’s perplexing they ever went to print. Without further adieu: 

Where do I begin with this ad?

Half a decade ago, an American Fort Durst Mazda dealership decided it would be a great idea to film a commercial featuring a man in a turkey costume, while they jokingly shot at him.

In the spot, the two dealership spokespeople point guns at the turkey while low-budget special effects are used to create fake bullet holes. Perhaps, the scariest part about the ad is the man laughing at the 15 second mark. Surely, it was an Elmer Fudd impression, right? Not the mad ramblings of an out of touch car dealer?

You’d think the ad couldn’t get worse. However, it’s ending is hilariously awful. Somehow the turkey acquires both guns and chases the car dealers across a hilariously bad green screen as they scream. Making matters funnier, a message to PETA reads “No turkeys were harmed during the filming of this commercial.”

What was the Fort Durst Mazda dealership thinking?

Bad doesn’t fairly describe the commercial. I can’t imagine how the pitch meeting went on this ad campaign. Oh well, it’s memorable, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

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