Zara’s “Love your Curves” criticized for failing to feature curves

Zara has launched a campaign urging women to “love your curves.” However, as admirable as the message was, criticism has been lobbed their way for an odd choice of picture and copy.

The ad in question was found in Ireland. As a part of the popular Italian clothing company’s “Body Curve Jeans,” line, two women are shown wearing Zara jeans with the caption “love your curves.” Undoubtedly it’s a great message, but, the choice of copy mixed with the image doesn’t fit.

Often, the term “curvy” is applied to women that aren’t supermodel skinny. Instead, women of all shapes and sizes are more applicable. I’m not the best person to explain the definition, so I’ll let Buzzfeed explain.

Admittedly, there’s nothing wrong with the models. They don’t deserve criticism for doing their job. But, they don’t align with the message Zara’s trying to convey. Perhaps, the ad would be received more positively if the women featured in it actually had distinct curves. Instead, it feels like another super model photo shoot with an attempt to call it something that it isn’t.

Rectifying the ad is easy peasy. Either change the copy on the spot or hire different models who accurately fit the ‘curvy’ description. Zara’s message is a winning one, but next time, they need to make sure the chosen models have curves to love.


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