Gatorade makes Bryce Harper extra juicy

Gatorade Fierce is trying to position itself as the ultimate sports drink. Apparently that means commercials depicting Bryce Harper as one juicy, Gatorade-covered player. It also means baseballs which morph into Harper’s screaming face. The whole thing is … interesting. It’s actually pretty much the same ad we’ve seen for ages from Gatorade, but this […]

Awful Classics: Gatorade’s Gator Gum

Do you remember Gator Gum from Gatorade? It was designed to be a chewing gum which had a “unique mouth-watering formula” which would help quench thirst. It sounds like a ridiculous idea – gum quenching your thirst – which is why the product was discontinued in 1989. If you’re wondering, the commercials were about as […]

Obama Big Bird ad is unbelievably real

We've tried to avoid discussing political ads on this site for the pure reason that most ads fail to break new ground. They're tired, rehashed ideas that are perfect to nap to. Such has been the case in the battle between Obama and Romney – until today. Fresh off Romney's comments that he would eliminate […]