Is it really a surprise this advertisement is the year’s worst?

In a year chalked-full of terrible,  ill-conceived and poorly executed ads, one takes the cake: Kendall Jenner solving complicated protest issues with Pepsi. Pepsi thought the Kardashian-lite would be perfect for a woke ad on protests. Shocker, she wasn’t. Instead, Jenner and Pepsi glamorized protest and police brutality. It got yanked off-air immediately. I wrote […]

Kendall Jenner reflects on terrible Pepsi ad: “It feels like my life is over”

Back in April, Pepsi made the disastrous decision to air a tone-deaf advertisement featuring social media star Kendall Jenner, where she basically solves all the worlds problems with a can of Pepsi. Immediate criticism was thwarted towards the ad, and less than 24 hours after it initially aired, it was pulled. The ad did immediate damage […]

Pepsi announces they’re pulling terrible Kendall Jenner protest ad

Less than 24 hours after posting a tone-deaf, widely-criticized advertisement featuring model Kendall Jenner, Pepsi has pulled the plug on the entire campaign. The spot received immediate criticism for making light of serious situations around the world, glamorizing and failing to take protest and potential police brutality seriously, and completely missing the mark by featuring […]

This new Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad is fucking terrible

Update: File this Kendall Jenner ad under the “how the hell did the pitch get accepted?” category. Pepsi teamed up with the second-most popular Kardashian to create one terrible fucking ad. Here’s a synopsis. A staged protest is happening during a Kendall Jenner photoshoot. The shoot is juxtaposed against artists and millennials engaging in perhaps the most upbeat […]