Tiger Woods passes torch to Rory McIlroy in brilliant new Nike ad

Nike has released an effective new ad showing how much Rory McIlroy admired Tiger Woods growing up. The ad titled “Ripple,” tells the story of McIlroy’s childhood, illustrating just how important Woods was in McIlroy’s development and progression to becoming number one ranked golfer in the world. In the ad we see McIlroy’s childhood idolization of Woods on display. His room […]

Nike debuts 2014 World Cup commercial – Risk Everything

Nike has unveiled their 2014 World Cup slogan – Risk Everything – as well as their first commercial which features Neymar, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. The spot shows the three players traveling to their game, passing by hordes of screaming fans and countless flags, banners and jerseys supporting their native country. Chalk this up […]

Brad Pitt redefines “creepy” in this CHANEL ad mGs4CjeJiJQ[/youtube] Okay people, we've reached a new level of creepy that seriously should be studied. Brad Pitt was paid $7 MILLION DOLLARS to utter exactly 40 words. That's $175,000 a word.  Obviously Chanel No. 5 just wanted an easy, round, number to throw at their CFO. But money isn't the issue here (well, it's sort of […]