Snickers: Godzilla is actually a pretty nice guy

You’re not you when you’re hungry and Godzilla is actually pretty fun to be around after he’s had a Snickers. In this extended commercial, Godzilla is just one of the guys…until he’s hungry and destroys a city. Once that hunger is satisfied it’s back to water skiing and good times. The pace of the shortened […]

Snickers: Australian construction workers shout empowering messages

You’re not you when you’re hungry. That’s been the message we’ve seen from Snickers for quite some time, but now the company has brought the message to life in an interesting Australian stunt. Here some Aussie construction workers ditch their stereotypical catcalls and whistles and instead shouted empowering statements to the women below. It’s kind […]

Target is ready for Christmas – in October

Christmas is a happy, joyful time of the year. Christmas advertising on the other hand is a despicable, ugly beast that's an unfortunate side effect of the holiday that's loved by many. Why do we have so much hate for Christmas ads? Simple. It's not the music or the message. It's the fact the advertising […]