Sprint gets Populist (Well, tries to…)

I try not to be annoyed all the time. I really do. If you’re anything like me, your innate primate rage response is about to kick in, which will likely cause you to chew through your computer screen in a vain attempt to reach and destroy the tiny digital southern belles with a righteous fury […]

Sprint adds a hamster to their Framily Plan

Sprint’s Friends & Family plan is a pretty cool concept. Sure, the vast majority of us would have absolutely no use for 10 lines on the same plan, but it’s nice to have the option. Unfortunately, Spring really dropped the ball when it came to marketing the plan. Framily. Sprint committed the unforgivable act of […]

Peyton Manning: Just Say No

Is there an athlete out there who does more commercials than Peyton Manning?  I really don’t think there is. From Oreos to Gatorade to Buick, Manning is front and center in the world of athlete endorsements. We decided to compile the “Top 10” Manning commercials.  Some, quite frankly, are awful, where others do a great […]