For better or worse, sexy Mr. Clean was the most memorable Super Bowl ad

It’s sexy time for Mr. Clean.

The iconic mascot from the popular line of cleaning products of the same name has never been one to push boundaries in terms of sex appeal. The bald, old man dressed in white didn’t have the oomph to become an advertising sex symbol, until now.

Mr. Clean debuted a “Sexy Mr. Clean” commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup. Instead of the jovial, helpful Mr. Clean, the new spot showed off his sexy side. Mr. Clean goes full Magic Mike when cleaning a very lustful woman’s house. He’s got buns of steel and a look that could melt most hearts. Eventually, the woman fantasizing over Mr. Clean snaps out of it and it’s revealed it’s her husband who was helping her tidy up. That doesn’t matter, as she jumps her husband after getting steamed up by Mr. tight and white.

The official Mr. Clean account had some fun with the commercial on Twitter.

Of course, Twitter had some fun with the ad as well.

The advertisement has people talking, so there’s little questioning its success. Even if, Mr. Clean is the last brand mascot I’d expect to get sexy – which is why the ad works. It’s unexpected, funny and sort of nauseating at the same time.

2017 is the year Mr. Clean got sexy, and that’s wild, amazing and weird.

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