Pornhub’s rendition of ‘Silent Night’ focuses on the ‘lonely’ aspect

Pornhub wants its audience to have a lonely night.

After releasing a funny, yet uncomfortable Christmas advertisement in 2016, Pornhub released its latest addition to the holiday series. The latest ad is called “Lonely Night,” and places emphasis on the phrase while parodying the Christmas classic “Silent Night.”

The spot is about being lonely at Christmas and using Pornhub as, well, a way to relieve stress. The advertisement is well-done, is safe for work and somewhat warm, considering what it’s implying. In true Pornhub fashion, the spot ends with the phrase “have yourself a horny little Christmas,” which is less subtle than the rest of it.

“After last year’s spot, we decided we wanted our Christmas campaign to become a hallmark of the holiday season for the whole family,” Corey Price, vp of Pornhub, told AdWeek. “This year we’ve gone big, as we know Christmas ads are a big thing.”

PornHub has to navigate with caution when creating adverts like this one, as it needs to sell its NSFW product through SFW content. But, the implication here is strong enough that it doesn’t need sex to sell sex. The Pornhub ad accomplishes its goal.

It’s not an ad I’d expect from the adult-entertainment business, but it’s a good one. Kudos, Pornhub.


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