‘Size matters’ billboard draws criticism for being anti-women

A billboard in Los Angeles is telling women ‘size matters.’

The Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center thought it would be a good idea to promote their business by buying a billboard and making suggestive remarks about women’s breast sizes. The billboard reads ‘size matters’ and shows two coffee cups, a smaller one labeled with the letter B, and a bigger one on the right labeled with a D. Obviously, it’s referring to cup sizes.

College student Anna Gorski told CBS she started a petition to have the billboard taken down, saying “I don’t think a billboard should be telling me that size matters.” She’s right. The billboard is offensive.

The doctor who created the billboard ad told CBS the cup size reference is supposed to be a joke and said that size doesn’t matter.

“It’s meant to be a joke or satire,” said Dr. Brian Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center.

“It’s meant to promote discussion… we don’t want women to honestly think that ‘size matters,” he told CBS, claiming that most of his patients find the advertisement hilarious.

It’s ironic Eichenberg doesn’t want women to think size matters when that’s exactly what the billboard he bought is saying. Most of his patients may find the billboard hilarious, but that doesn’t mean the general population of women as a whole does.

It’s unfortunate ads like get approved and put on billboards to begin with because they send the wrong message about body image. I understand Eichenberg’s got a business to promote, but there are much better ways to do so.

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