Arby’s Is the Next Restaurant to Bash Their Rival

Yesterday, we posted the new commercial for Domino's in which they accused Pizza Hut of using frozen dough on their pan pizzas.  They talked about how theirs were fresher and made daily, never frozen.  The ad agency CP+B was behind the pizza bashing ad spot.

Yesterday, Arby's Restaurant posted their new ad, seen above, by the same company and shocking, it's bashing a rival.  During the ad, a "retired NY Detective Bo Dietl" starts out in front of a blatantly blurred out Subway shop where he claims he is "slicing up the truth about freshness".  Not surprising, that is also Arby's new tagline.  Bo tells us that most people think that Subway shops slice their meat there but ohhh no, Bo has some knowledge to drop.

The next scene is Bo standing in front of a factory in "Iowa".  I use the quotes because I have no idea if that is the truth.  He says Iowa is where Subway slices their meat and the scene before leads the audience to believe he started out in New York City.  How do we know that he wasn't in Des Moines or somewhere close to that facility?

"That's a long walk for a turkey sandwich", claims Dietl, as a small disclaimer is shown on the bottom of the screen saying "facility shown is one of several slicing facilities used by Subway".  This leads me to believe that perhaps Dietl was in New York City and maybe CP+B just decided to go with the facility farthest away to make matters seem worse.

In addition to the new slogan and  bashing technique that Arby's has picked up, they also use the spot to debut their new logo.  Seen below, it uses the same old hat that is a staple of the old logo but is turned a bit to give it depth.  Also the font has been changed and all letters are now lower case.

Arby's logo

First impression of the new logo: Meh.

Impression of overall ad: I like my $5 dollar footlongs and I like my Big Montana's…doesn't matter how you slice it.