Hot Pockets New Commercial is Awful, Much Like a Hot Pocket I76LkYUyVzo[/youtube] Hot Pocket's slogan is "Irresistibly Hot" but it really should be "Resistibly Hot".  I have never met a person in this world who thinks that Hot Pockets are edible, let alone good.  However, their new commercial would like people to think that isn't the case. The spot opens with a guy making the […]

Drew Brees and One Direction Team Up for Pepsi Commercial Sfy8UYRhmpA[/youtube] Every single Who-Dat tween girl is probably falling apart right now.  That, and breaking the rewind and pause buttons on their parents DVR remote. British boy band One Direction and Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees are the latest to promote Pepsi in a commercial that has the two arguing over who deserves the […]

Chevrolet Uses Mimes to Sell New Spark iCgZJ1xmz80[/youtube] Importing our Export. Is that because the Chevrolet Spark is manufactured at GM Korea?  Is the reason behind the silent movie style commercial/mimes because this is Chervrolet's version of the Italian Fiat?  I don't know.  You know why I don't know? There are no words. The other problem I have with this commercial […]

Facebook Rolls Out New Ad Campaign c7SjvLceXgU[/youtube] Everyone knows someone who "hates" Facebook.  Whether it is on Twitter or someone you actually know in real life, everyone has that person that has to be anti-Facebook.  Most of the time, that person also has an active Facebook profile but continues to bash it.  I could name names of popular Twitter users […]

The New Nokia Lumia Commercial Sucks as Bad as Their Phones Zjrv9-Botx8[/youtube] I am an iPhone user.  I have tried the Android phones and had nothing but bad luck.  I love my iPhone and have had zero problems with it in the last year*.  With that being said, I love a good ribbing about how attached to my iPhone I am.  For instance, the new […]

Arby’s Is the Next Restaurant to Bash Their Rival pwDpxF-gQpw[/youtube] Yesterday, we posted the new commercial for Domino's in which they accused Pizza Hut of using frozen dough on their pan pizzas.  They talked about how theirs were fresher and made daily, never frozen.  The ad agency CP+B was behind the pizza bashing ad spot. Yesterday, Arby's Restaurant posted their new ad, seen […]

Domino’s Getting Their Digs in on Pizza Hut in New Ad Spot

  Think Michigan vs. Ohio State Think Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees. Rivalry is what keeps sports alive.  It is also what makes or breaks a business.  In this case, we are talking Domino's vs. Pizza Hut.  This rivalry is 15+ years old and it continues to impress me.  Although neither company calls […]

Smart Car Commercial Shows Strength, Lacks Ingenuity CeEbnbvk7tM[/youtube] We have all seen a Smart car on the road.  They are that little go-kart thing that almost gets caught under our bumpers.  Personally, I think they are ugly and dangerous.  Ugly because…well…look at them and dangerous because they are really small and if you are in a mid-size SUV or larger, they […]

Volkswagen Rocks Out in The New Commercial for the Passat L5ThWzuKyqU[/youtube] This year, Volkswagen has surpassed the sales record they set in 2001 for their popular sedan, the Passat.  This month, VW sold its 77,524th Passat in the United States.  What better way to celebrate that milestone than releasing a new commercial? I had high hopes for this spot before watching because VW usually […]

Chevrolet Has a Real Head Scratcher with Their New Spark Commercial vjZiojNVVw0[/youtube] Chevy has had some memorable ad campaigns in the past.  Just think about how popular their "Like a Rock" commercials were back in the day.  Lately though, they really haven't had anything too memorable, especially since Chrysler is killing it with their "Imported from Detroit" campaign. This would be the part where you […]

Russell Wilson Stars in New Levi’s #GoForth Campaign hy9U6HMcFG8[/youtube] The new Levi's commercial is great…If they are promoting Russell Wilson and Seahawks football.  Although this spot is put together really, really well, I feel like it fails to promote Levi's Jeans.  With the exception of seeing the Levi's logo at the very end, you would have thought you were watching a trailer […]

Healthy Choice Shows That the World Isn’t That Bad When You’re Well Fed yjayxnZBd4w[/youtube] Healthy Choice hasn't really been in the captivating commercial business.  That's a personal opinion because I can't seem to remember any of their other commercials, assuming there are some.  This one is different though.  It is meant to cast the "no carb dieters" in a negative light. The spot starts off in the […]

Tecate Ad Makes Sure Men Don’t Call Their Girlfriends Fat…Duh. uN_D3YasVZQ[/youtube] "Does this make me look fat?" Every man is pre-wired to answer that question with an "absolutely not", "no way", "of course not" or something along those lines.  If a man somehow says yes, they he should turn in his man card.  I don't care if your girl looks like the Stay Puff […]