Chevrolet Uses Mimes to Sell New Spark

Importing our Export.

Is that because the Chevrolet Spark is manufactured at GM Korea?  Is the reason behind the silent movie style commercial/mimes because this is Chervrolet's version of the Italian Fiat?  I don't know.  You know why I don't know? There are no words.

The other problem I have with this commercial is that it tells nothing of the features on the new Spark.  The only thing we learn from the spot is that it has the OnStar RemoteLink.  With this, you can download an app to your smart phone that allows you to see your fuel level, unlock your doors, start your car, get vehicle diagnostics and contact an OnStar Advisor from anywhere.

The details of the car, however, are not disclosed.  Probably because it's a two-door spec with bicycle tires and a 1.2 liter engine that can barely go the speed limit on the freeway…but what do I know!?