Chris Berman being Chris Berman in new Applebee’s Commercial

He is Chris Berman to some and The Swami to others.  For most though, he is just the bane of their existence.  I fall into the latter category when it comes to Berman.  If you like him, good for you, I'm not trying to sway you to the dark side.  For me though, Berman is one tired act.

He has been saying the same things over and over and over since 1979.  He has been at ESPN more years than I, and I'm sure most of you reading this, have been on Earth.  At some point he needs to clean up his references and catch phrases.  Another tip, and this is just me spit-balling here, but perhaps he could attempt to stay relevant? Just a suggestion, I'm not a professional or anything.

This Applebee's commercial is a prime example of Berman vs. The People.  Maribeth Monroe (Comedy Central's Workaholics) represents us (The People) perfectly as she is completely irritated by Berman and perhaps a little confused as to how someone could be so annoying.

Of course all of this bitching isn't going to get us anywhere.  News this morning tells us to prepare for a few more years of  Chris Berman.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.