Dodge shows us how to make the most Hi-Tech Car

Dodge has really sunk to a new low.  Flowers? Time machines? There is no place in time that this car would look remotely good, at least from what I saw on this commercial.

Dodge claims this is how you build a hi-tech car…Unfortunately all they said about the car itself is that is was "groundbreaking".  That's it.  No other definition as to what the car can do or how it performs.  It's a groundbreaking car with a dashboard that is "futuristic".  And by "futuristic" they mean a fancy well lit display.

The worst part is that they put Tom Brady in at the end.  In addition to the fact that he is severely out of place, all the dude had to do to get paid for this ad is wave.  If feels like a waste of 30 seconds and I almost regret making you all sit through that. Almost.

Also, they ripped their style off the movie Rules of Attraction.  If you have seen the movie, it is the part where Victor is explaining his trip to Europe (NSFW).  Epic.

Dodge fail.