Domino’s Getting Their Digs in on Pizza Hut in New Ad Spot


Think Michigan vs. Ohio State

Think Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees.

Rivalry is what keeps sports alive.  It is also what makes or breaks a business.  In this case, we are talking Domino's vs. Pizza Hut.  This rivalry is 15+ years old and it continues to impress me.  Although neither company calls the other out by name, they make sure you are well aware of who they are talking about by the of their 30 seconds.

Domino's latest thrown punch landed on the topic of the wildly popular pan pizza that Pizza Hut is famous for.  Domino's points out that there is a "dirty little secret" in the pizza game and that it is most pan pizza dough is frozen.


Frozen dough might be new to some people but really, is anyone going to care?  I surely won't think twice about getting a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza over the new Domino's pan pizza.  You know why?  Because I have had Pizza Hut numerous times in the last 28 years and I have never been disappointed.  They could have said that Pizza Hut cooks their pan pizza in an old truck tire and I would still get it.

People know how good Pizza Hut pizza is, this ad won't change that.  The only thing this ad does is make Patrick Doyle look like he is desperate.