Drew Brees and One Direction Team Up for Pepsi Commercial


Every single Who-Dat tween girl is probably falling apart right now.  That, and breaking the rewind and pause buttons on their parents DVR remote.

British boy band One Direction and Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees are the latest to promote Pepsi in a commercial that has the two arguing over who deserves the last can of soda more.

The first argument is their album going platinum to Drew Brees' Super Bowl title.  I really don't know who wins this battle.  I would say that having your album go platinum is like winning the Super Bowl in the music industry…or is winning the Super Bowl the equivalent of your team going platinum in the NFL? Mind blowing, right?

We'll call that one a wash.  Still 0-0.

Next up is One Direction being on the Billboard Magazine cover versus Brees' Super Bowl MVP.  No doubt Brees wins this round.  He could have won by piling up all the magazine covers he has been on over the years but he chose to completely dust 1D (that's the slang I guess) with the MVP.

Brees up 1-0.

The last, and final battle goes to the fan base.  One Directions gives a cocky "Oh ya?" and then their fan base of girls ages 14-16 (a guess, I'm not a creep) pop up screaming behind them.  Brees gives a cool "yeah." and fans pop up behind him too.  The only problem I have with this is that they show fans from a lot of NFL teams but, from what I can see, no Saints fans.  I get that Pepsi is trying to satisfy all of the fans, but I feel it would have been better served with all Saints fans going banana's.

Tied up 1-1.

Now they are in a stalemate.  The tie is broken when blond #1 (I have no clue what their names are) offers to let Brees into the band for the Pepsi.  An eager Brees accepts and the commercial closes with the band, plus Brees, singing their new single "Live While We're Young" and Brees kills it….actually, murders it.  He does get points for making fun of himself, though.

Overall not a bad spot, some things were a little off but I have seen worse.  Trust me, take a look around the site.