Facebook Rolls Out New Ad Campaign


Everyone knows someone who "hates" Facebook.  Whether it is on Twitter or someone you actually know in real life, everyone has that person that has to be anti-Facebook.  Most of the time, that person also has an active Facebook profile but continues to bash it.  I could name names of popular Twitter users who do nothing but bitch and moan about Facebook yet depend on it to spread their content, but I won't.  I'll be the bigger blogger.

Well, the aformentioned people are going to have a field day with the new ad campaign that Facebook will be showing in 13 countries.  During the ad, you might be scratching your head or have a look on your face like someone just yelled at you in a different language.  You're not alone.  They are comparing Facebook to a chair for most of the spot.

A chair.

I know Mark Zuckerberg has the personality of a rug, but surely even he could see that this was a bad idea.  The commercial goes on to compare Facebook to, among other things, basketballs, bridges, airplanes and doorbells saying that "these are things that people use to get together so they can open up and connect".

The commercial ends with the narrator talking about the universe and how it is vast, dark and makes us wonder if we are alone.  Then suggests that we make all of these inanimate objects because we are not alone.

Got that?

So dumb.  The worst part is that this ad is to celebrate Facebook's 1 billion monthly user milestone.  Watch the commercial again and tell me where you see that mentioned?

Go ahead, I'll wait.

They probably would have been better served with an ad that quickly ran through the growth of Facebook in the last 10 years or so and maybe a hint at the future.  Instead they took 90 seconds of your day to make you say "What the f*ck was that?", which I am assuming is why the comments are disabled on the YouTube video above.

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