Healthy Choice Shows That the World Isn’t That Bad When You’re Well Fed

Healthy Choice hasn't really been in the captivating commercial business.  That's a personal opinion because I can't seem to remember any of their other commercials, assuming there are some.  This one is different though.  It is meant to cast the "no carb dieters" in a negative light.

The spot starts off in the grocery store and it looks like a gang of the no carb dieters are bullying the woman who, gasp, has French bread in her cart.  They are all wielding a turkey leg while yelling at the woman before one of them picks it up and treats it just as Bo Jackson would a bat and breaks it over their knee.  After she explains how she felt while being on her no carb diet and her realization she came to.

"For years, I thought I hated children's laughter.  Turns out I was just hungry."

I got a kick out it.  I'll call this a win for Healthy Choice.