Hot Pockets New Commercial is Awful, Much Like a Hot Pocket

Hot Pocket's slogan is "Irresistibly Hot" but it really should be "Resistibly Hot".  I have never met a person in this world who thinks that Hot Pockets are edible, let alone good.  However, their new commercial would like people to think that isn't the case.

The spot opens with a guy making the ill-fated decision to snack on a Hot Pocket.  As he is "enjoying" his first bite, his roommate comes in and introduces him to his sister.  Instead of excusing himself and not talking with his mouth full, he just goes with orgasmic sounds.  Ya know, because Hot Pockets do just that to everyone that encounters them.  If I were a gambling man, I would say those sounds would be more accurate coming from the bathroom moments later when this guy is going to feel like someone took to him abdomen with a hack saw.

Moving on, not only was it unbelievable that one person liked a Hot Pocket, but you're going to try to convince me that the attractive brunette, who clearly takes care of her body, would let something that nasty near her mouth? No chance.

What could possibly be better about what Hot Pockets advertising team has come up with?  How about getting Snoop Dogg Lion to be their spokesman?  Even worse, how about a remake of his hit "Pop it like it's Hot" called "Pocket like it's Hot"?

Yes.  I am serious.