I Can’t Get Enough of Nissan Altima’s New ‘Enough’ Commercial

The Nissan Altima has a cool new feature.  When you are filling your tires with air, the car will let out a little honk when you have reached the right PSI.  Pretty cool, right?  No more checking the PSI with the tire gauge and having to put more air in or let air out.  This is also a great feature for the women who will be driving this vehicle.  I don't say that because I am sexist, I say that because I have witnessed a woman trying to fill her own tire with air.


So the commercial goes on to let us see what it would be like if we had a honk sound in our lives to know when we should stop what we are doing.  From spraying cologne on his man parts to betting the house in a poker game, the honk keeps this gentleman in line.  Perhaps the best one, and my favorite, is at the end of the commercial when he is going in for a second kiss with his tongue hanging out.  Between that and the face he makes after the honk sound, I laugh every time.

Congrats Nissan, you won Monday.