Jack Link’s Beef Jerky plays Sasquatch in the Middle


Most of the time I can let out a little laughter from a Jack Link's Beef Jerky commercial.  Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those times. 

In the new(ish) commercial, Sasquatch appears to be joining in on a music festival, complete with EDM music and glow sticks.  Noticing Big Foot, two concert goers start to play a nice game of "monkey in the middle" with the big fella, throwing a glow stick back and forth.  As he always does, Sasquatch gets irritated and throws one of them through the air.

It could have ended there but not, they had to take it a step further.  The dude who was thrown through the air lands on a port-o-potty and knocks it into two others, creating a domino effect.  The end result is the last one tipping over and a girl getting out, horrified, and covered in feces.

The first time I saw this commercial was in a bar with no sound but every ones reaction was the same.  After the initial dry heaving, everyone agreed that this might not necessarily be something you want people to associate with your beef jerky.