The New Nokia Lumia Commercial Sucks as Bad as Their Phones

I am an iPhone user.  I have tried the Android phones and had nothing but bad luck.  I love my iPhone and have had zero problems with it in the last year*.  With that being said, I love a good ribbing about how attached to my iPhone I am.  For instance, the new Samsung Galaxy S III commercial that poked fun of iPhone users waiting in line was hysterically well put together.  But sometimes companies miss the mark.

Enter Nokia.

Their phones haven't been appealing since they were analog and featured the "Snake" game.  You know what I'm talking about.  They are trying to gain ground in the smart phone market with their new Lumia phone.  The problem with their ad is that they make no mention of ANY features on the phone!  The only thing they show us is that you can get the Lumia in different colors other than black and white.  So, to bring this all together, the commercial is bland, uninformative and a waste of money.  Honestly, I can't believe Nokia is still in business.

*Knock on wood.