Smart Car Commercial Shows Strength, Lacks Ingenuity

We have all seen a Smart car on the road.  They are that little go-kart thing that almost gets caught under our bumpers.  Personally, I think they are ugly and dangerous.  Ugly because…well…look at them and dangerous because they are really small and if you are in a mid-size SUV or larger, they are harder to see in your blind spot.

I will give credit where credit is due and say that Smart has made leaps and bounds in the safety department.  Unfortunately, their budget must have been tapped out when it came time for the advertising aspect.  What ever happened to a good old fashion crash test dummies into a cement wall commercial?  Instead we are treated to a full size SUV sitting on top of the frame for a Smart car.  It is supposed to show that the frame is able to withstand three and a half tons.  What it shows, to me, is that when these SUV's come barreling down the road and a Smart car is in the way, they can just accelerate and go right over the car.

The frame is a great thing…now it just needs to be put in cars that people want.