Tip Jar: Geico’s ‘Happier Than’ Commercials Both Hit and Miss the Mark

Twitter user @CamilleBTurner hit us up and asked if we had seen the Geico commercial with Eddie Money singing Two Tickets to Paradise.  Oh yes, Camille, we have and we are just as terrified as you are by hearing Eddie Money go a cappella.  But instead of just ripping one of the new Geico "Happier than" commercials, we thought we would review all five for you guys.


Whoever thought it was a good idea to have Mr. Money sing a cappella in this spot should be committed.  How about having him come out and not say anything and just hit the play button.  He could then just sit there and bob his head to his own music.  That would be leaps and bounds ahead of where this current commercial is, which is scaring the household pet when it comes on.

The next installment portrays Christopher Columbus making his exploration with speed boats.  Good concept, bad execution.  When the commercial starts out, most will just look at it puzzled.  He is speaking Italian and the only thing I understood was that one of the men on board was getting sick.  That's it.


The next, and newest, has a witch in a broom factory.  While the witch isn't particularly funny, the workers at the broom factory are.  The annoyed look on the first the lady and the guy that says he's going to stand up to her are both funny.  Still though, it feels like they could have done something more.  They have great ideas but they are wasting them.


Since Gallagher has been having some health issues as of late, I am going to give him and Geico a break on this one.  Replicating his comedy shtick, Gallagher heads to a farmers market with his huge mallet and decimates everything in its path.  For those big Gallagher fans, they will enjoy this immensely.  For everyone else, you'll probably let out a "meh".


I have saved the best for last.  It is the only one I enjoy.  Happier than a body builder directing traffic, which I can't say for certain would even make the body builder happy, is the only Geico commercial that hits the mark.  The subtle hand gestures from the body builder, coupled with his huge smile, get me every time.



Thanks again to Camille for the tweet Tweet your Awful Ads to us and maybe you'll see it on here!