Tip Jar: Sleep Center in Texas has quite possibly the worst CGI ever seen in a commercial


Editors note: This is the first of many posts that will be part of our Tip Jar series.  The Tip Jar will be used when someone Tweets or emails us with a great (or awfully great) commercial.  So if you are reading this and have something in mind, let us know!  Thanks!

The commercial above was sent to us from @bentonarnold5 and I could not believe it once I watched.  It is an ad for a sleep center in Odessa, Texas and, as the title suggests, it has the most awful "CGI" we have ever seen.  In fact, I put CGI in quotes there because I didn't want to hurt CGI's feelings.

I watched through the first 20 seconds and didn't know what our buddy was talking about…and then it happened, in all its glory.

I really hope the driver was ok.