Tony Romo responds to critics in new Starter commercial

In this new spot from Starter*, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is shown working out and sitting, staring at the camera stone faced.  Throughout the clip, he is repeating what the haters are saying.

"People focus on what we haven't accomplished"

"People say we haven't succeeded"

"People say we haven't won a championship"

Did you say aloud 'you haven't!', or something along those lines?  I sure did the first time I watched it.  But then I watched it again and listened to the end.

"That's what I'm focused on too"

I really liked that part.  The first time watching it I didn't hear it because I was making fun of Romo almost immediately after starting the clip.  It's good to know Tony can hear his haters and use it for motivation…or…it's good that Tony can act like his haters motivate him when they actually make him hide under the bed.  Either way, good commercial.

*Starter? Really? I haven't seen Starter gear since Christmas '94 when I got a sa-weeet Cowboys pull-over.  I know you know the one I'm talking about.  Kids were getting beat up for them.  They were like the Air Jordan's of winter outdoor wear.