UGG for Men releases new Tom Brady spot for the fall

UGG is back with their poster boy Tom Brady in a new spot set to revitalize the company's mens line.  Brady got a lot of flack when he was tapped as the spokesman for UGG but has been a good sport through all the ribbing.

In this new commercial, Brady is walking through the airport when he becomes engaged in an "Invisible Game" of football.  Pilots and other passengers join in the game that ends, just as fast as it began, when the little boy scores.

There are a couple reasons I like this ad.  First, Brady doesn't speak.  I know that sounds bad, but it is the truth.  Sometimes an athlete can sound too scripted or disingenuous if they are speaking for an endorsement.  Second, the boots are nice.  I know there is a negative connotation between men and UGG's but go ahead, take a second look, they're really not that bad..