Volkswagen Rocks Out in The New Commercial for the Passat

This year, Volkswagen has surpassed the sales record they set in 2001 for their popular sedan, the Passat.  This month, VW sold its 77,524th Passat in the United States.  What better way to celebrate that milestone than releasing a new commercial?

I had high hopes for this spot before watching because VW usually hits nothing but net in the commercial department.  I am pleased to say I wasn't let down.  The ad shows a business man sitting at an intersection when Rush "Fly by Night" comes on.  He starts to sing, which is nothing new, but also adds in an air drum solo for the ages.  He even includes throwing his stick up in the air and catching it, a la Rob Corddry in Hot Tub Time Machine. 

VW got their point across…You are no longer invisible in a mid-size sedan.  Whether or not you were in the first place is up for debate.  The quality of the commercial, however, is not.

Well done.