Coca-Cola ad is Un-American, says Twitter

Coca-Cola had the gall – THE GALL – to air an ad that featured "America the Beautiful" being sung in multiple languages, and Twitter wasn't happy with it. No sir, not at all:

There are a ton of these. Do a Twitter search and see for yourself. 

As a friendly note, Coca-Cola is a multinational corporation who needs to appeal to a wide base of customers, so that probably accounts for the advertisement's multi-lingualism. America's had many languages spoken here since before the nation declared its independence, including the Navajo language featured in the commercial. Most Americans' families came from somewhere else, and unless they came from the British Isles or Ireland, chances are good that they didn't speak English right off of the boat. 

And honestly, if you care enough about a product to get offended when their commercials advertise to a demographic not your own, keep in mind that Coca-Cola created Fanta for the Nazis because of a syrup shortage in Germany, used work camp slave labor during WWII, and some of their corporate leadership in Germany were members of the Nazi Party.

I can't think of anything more un-American than that – kind of makes a multi-lingual ad seem trivial, no?

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